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Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do

This website was built using templates with compliant XHTML and CSS. The main focus points for this project were updated design, social media integration and search engine optimization.

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Dr. Jerrold Goldsmith

This project involved coverting a HTML based website over to a content managed WordPress installation. We installed a theme which allowed much deeper search engine optimization through the administrative console. We also worked to customize the layout of the various widgets on the page modifying the template.

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Indianapolis Aikido

I did various pieces of this website including the relational database design, backend management, front end Adobe Flex construction, Video and Photo Gallery, and the music player. The administrator for this site has full access to add categories for both photo and video content as well as add music. Their are a lot of little details to notice such as the rotating quotes at the top, and the way the music slowly fades into it's full volume (max volume is set in the control panel for the website). This website also features a web calendar which allows them to post upcoming special events.

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Element Three

Element Three's website was a collaborative effort of several individuals. My role on this project was to pull everything together and present it in an Adobe Flex based website. I designed the relational database and the backend that powers this website as well as coded all the Actionscript to allow the various interactions. This website uses flashvars which are used to allow direct linking to pages within the Flex application. This is also used for search engine optimization as it allows HTML links to be created.

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This website has a custom banner which rotates photos and a weather widget that displays the current season. This website has a content management system that allows the administrator to modify the contents of each page.

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Marco Solo Design

This website was created to house this client's online portfolio. The front end user interaction is handled via Adobe Flex and Actionscript 3. The back end is powered by PHP using a MySQL database which sends custom XML in order to give the application it's data.

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Marigold Clothing

This website was a custom flash application developed using Adobe Flex. Responsive .swf animations were integrated into the pages of the website triggered by mouse events.

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Touch A Soul Design Studio

For Touch A Soul I was involved with the design of the relational database and backend that powers the website. I constructed the frame for this website using Adobe Flex and control the interactions with Actionscript. This website also includes a calendar system which documents important appointments for the company.

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