Web Services

Solutions using SOAP, Axis2 and REST web service calls.


I utilized their API to perform custom integrations with their SOAP Platform. I also worked on developing REST calls for middle-tier functions.

SMC Corporation of America

I worked on a team to develop a web service that communicates with Solidworks and sends part parameters and retrieves machining and assembly drawings for customized products configured on Etech. This was built using IBM's Rational Application Developer platform using Java and Apache Axis2 technologies. This uses standard SOAP protocols for XML communication back and forth. Another web service that I developed sends back a bill of materials once passed a valid part number. This returns a formatted XML response that would have all the individual items used to contruct the complete part.

Luna Music

XML Web Services built using PHP and MySQL routed securely over SSL. Custom XML is returned for all the sections of the website including categories, user information, and shopping cart data.