Calendar Applications & Event Management

Custom Calendars built using the Adobe Flash Platform with PHP and MySQL for the backend.

Training Calendar

This calendar application was designed to allow clients create a user account and then register for training sessions. Several companies have regular training sessions at different locations, this application allows a centralized location to manage multiple clients and multiple users per client. The administrator can view the all the users that have signed up for an event and it has a built in system that e-mails out any updates that are made to the users. This calendar and registration system all utilize Adobe Flex technology which allows for a much richer user experience compared to an HTML calendar.

Adobe Flex Calendar

Indianapolis Aikido Calendar

This calendar displays events and rotates quotes that the administrator enters. It is stylized with a custom border which matches the rest of the website it resides in. You also have the option of subscribing to a feed of events which integrate with Apple iCal.

Indy Aikido Calendar

Vertical Calendar

The graphics and layout were modified to have a vertical layout which fits onto the right side of the website. Users can click on events and then view the details for that day. This calendar also has the feature of being able to e-mail event details to yourself or friends that may have an interest in attending.

MESH Calendar